Friday, November 14, 2014

Crescat Scientia; Vita Evisceretur

This is the product of a less-than-gripping class this afternoon. Feel free to skip to the translation at the bottom!

“Vinctum vicit Prometheum
neque Iovis iracundi
aquila, nec alter deûm.
Quinam ergo? ree, veni!”

“Egomet ad nil reduxi
genus omni spe quod caret;
lumen numinumqu’ exstinxi
atra Ker ut vos regnaret.

“Dii, mores, iam vixisti—
dies meus nunc elucet!
Hasta Abrahæ defixi
deum, muscis qui iam vescet.

“Nihil nefas nunc putare
lege æthræ abrogata;
nefas vero est sperare,
æthra ipsa vacuata.

“ ‘Qui, nunc quæres, ex ampulla
me exemet?’ Vosmet ipsi!
VERITAS sum: alba, casta;
veritas quam invenisti!”

Vulture, whose wings are dull realities.
And the translation:

“It was not the eagle of angry Jove, nor any other god, who vanquished the human race. Who then? Come forward, whoever did this!”

“It was I who overthrew humanity, the race that lacks all hope. I quenched as well the light of the gods, so that dark Death might rule over you. O gods, O morality, your day has come and gone, but mine now shines brilliantly! I slew the God of Abraham with my spear, and he is food now for the flies. And for you, nothing is forbidden to think, now that heaven’s law is gone. But heaven is empty, so it is forbidden to hope. ‘Who,’ you’ll ask, ‘freed me from my prison?’ It was you yourselves! I am Truth, pure, sacred truth, that you yourselves uncovered!”


Anonymous said...

Hi Jonathan. Have you read JK Huysman's Against the Grain (in particular Chapter 3)?

Jonathan S Nathan said...

I just did at your suggestion. Thanks for the advice! That was a bizarre but fun book.